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Help SOSA Replace Tuba #6

It was the hit that made headlines when Tuba #6 was destroyed during the UTSA vs. UAB football game at the Alamodome.

The hit came right before halftime as the Spirit of San Antonio Marching Band (SOSA) was standing sideline and UAB's Broderick Thomas tackled UTSA receiver Marquez McNair, catapulting him into the tuba and SOSA member Christopher Zuniga.

What followed after was a mangled metal mess and a funeral for the beloved sousaphone.

"Six had a wonderful and happy life" said SOSA Director Ron Ellis, in a eulogy for the instrument. "Let us try to remember six the way he lived not the way he died."

With a whopping price tag of $7,500, tubas don't come cheap. So to help replace the beloved sousaphone, SOSA has launched an online fundraising campaign. Now through December 20th, you can help replace Tuba #6 by making a gift in any amount.

"A week after grieving the loss of Tuba #6, the Spirit of San Antonio (SOSA) needs your help to secure a replacement. All donations raised will help cover the cost of a new sousaphone, which will cost approximately $7,500," reads the description on the projects page.

To show your support of Tuba #6 visit https://fund.utsa.edu/rip6.

-Yvonne Zamora Byrd