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Your gift to UTSA, whether large or small, is accepted with sincere thanks. With your support, each of our colleges and university areas will meet their goals to provide top-tier opportunities for Texas.

You can also make gifts to individual colleges and areas; links to donation forms for specific areas are listed below.

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Give to a Specific College

If you are passionate about one of our colleges, you may direct your gift to that college’s campaign priorities. Choose the college you would like to support. To support multiple colleges, please use the standard form above.

Give to a Specific University Area

Supporting different university areas will help drive UTSA forward in its effort to build community and Roadrunner spirit. Choose the area you would like to support. To support multiple areas, please use the standard form above.

Give to our Giving Societies

Become part of one of our giving societies with your gift. Your contribution can support a variety of UTSA initiatives. 

Giving to UTSA