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The University College is guided by three main themes – Student Support, Innovative Academic Programs, and Supporting Our Future Military Leaders. The college is primarily focused on helping UTSA’s undergraduate students achieve academic success by providing them with guidance that will result in increased student achievement. The UC encourages scholarly development through exploratory programs and promoting life-long learning through classroom engagement and research. The UC can be described as an incubator for the university, a place to grow new academic programs while promoting academic success for all undergraduates across all disciplines. Home to Academic Inquiry and Scholarship, Multidisciplinary Studies, the Writing Program, and the Army and Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) programs, the UC serves as a central connection point for the various experiential learning opportunities available in academic and support units across campus.

If you are interested in supporting a particular project or a naming opportunity, please contact Raitza Garcia, Director of Development at 

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