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A Shared Vision: The UTSA 2016 Strategic Plan

UTSA is on the verge of a stellar future. Building upon the past 40 years of excellence in education, UTSA now is stepping forward to create and sustain a top-tier public research university that understands the importance of higher education access.

"Our intention was to develop an ambitious agenda to take us through the next decade as we work to provide access to excellence in higher education in an increasingly competitive and global knowledge-based economy. We feel this document achieves that goal." - President Romo talks about the UTSA 2016: Strategic Plan

Specific initiatives to take UTSA to higher levels of excellence were included in the plan, with these four strategies of primary importance:

  • Providing access to excellence
  • Creating new knowledge
  • Serving society
  • Enriching experiences

With these focused imperatives, UTSA will work to educate more students, improve graduation rates and learning outcomes.

"This plan also charts a course to expand research and creative endeavors at UTSA, while acknowledging the importance of cross-organization collaborations with other educational institutions and businesses. Over the next 10 years, we will use this plan to expand our efforts to serve our constituents through public service and community engagement." - President Romo

The plan is bold, but it is attainable. UTSA is emerging as a world class university and will share this momentum and economic/social growth with the entire South Texas region. President Romo and his leadership team are ready for the challenge.

"With your help, The University of Texas at San Antonio is well on its way to becoming one of the premier public research universities in Texas. The next 10 years are crucial as we redefine the educational landscape of our great state, and I am confident that with your continued support we will succeed." - President Romo

A Shared Vision
UTSA's 2016 strategic summary and implementation plan.

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The economic contributions of San Antonio's emerging research university.