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Golf advocates John and Melissa Kauth
give opportunities and lessons at UTSA

John Kauth was just a kid when he discovered his love of golf. Today, as CEO and co-founder of the investment advisor firm Intercontinental Wealth Advisors LLC, John and his wife Melissa Kauth ‘90, decided to support students at a university dear to their heart. Together they made the largest athletics gift in UTSA’s history.

When John Kauth is not in his downtown San Antonio office, he can often be found on a golf course. For the San Antonio businessman, the course is a familiar scene– one he’s been a part of since age 12.

“We moved every year and I never attended the same school twice,” said John, CEO and co-founder of Intercontinental Wealth Advisor LLC, a 35-year-old, financial service and wealth management firm. “We would move in the middle of the summer so it was hard making friends, but thankfully we always lived next door to a golf course.” By understanding golf, he found he could make connections with new people of all ages, no matter where he moved.

Now managing a group of companies managing in excess $1 billion dollars in client’s assets, he calls San Antonio home. John’s love for the sport of golf was first ignited by his parents, in particular his mother Maryb, a Navy nurse and avid golfer who he often matched up against.

Even though John is a Texas A&M University Aggie ’77, he first became involved with UTSA golf over nine years ago, at a time when the program was eager to build competitiveness at a national level. John, along with other local business leaders established UTSA24, a special group of donors who not only support student-athletes, but mentor them.

"These people loved golf, wanted to touch young lives and felt UTSA was key to San Antonio’s future,” said John. “The partnership was a new and unique opportunity for students to learn from and build relationships with community leaders.” To date, the group has donated more than $400,000, and helped bring UTSA golf to top level NCAA competitions.

After witnessing the success of UTSA24, the Kauths decided to take their support even further. They began sponsoring the Alamo Invitational in memory of a woman dear to them both—John’s mother Maryb. With the beautiful Briggs Ranch golf course as the setting, the annual invitational is a women’s golf tournament hosting some of the best Division I golf programs from across the country.

Since sponsoring the tournament the Kauths have continued their philanthropy at UTSA by pledging the largest gift in athletics history- $3 million dollars to support women’s golf programs. The estate gift will provide scholarships to deserving female athletes and other financially challenged students, and continue to fund the Maryb Kauth Alamo Invitational.

Melissa, a former banker and San Antonio Water System executive, has a much more personal relationship with UTSA having been a member of the 1990 graduating class. While working full-time jobs, she attended UTSA part-time in the evenings. She refers to these students as the "unsung heroes" of academia.

"Graduating from UTSA was one of the proudest moments of my life. And I could not have done it without the help, support, and guidance of some very special people in my life. Both John and I were blessed with parents who instilled in us a strong work ethic and integrity. We were further blessed to have mentors who gave us guidance and support during the early days of our careers. Our relationships with these people has done so much to shape both our personal and our business lives."

“We’re tremendously grateful to the Kauths,” said Lynn Hickey, UTSA Director of Athletics. “They have really taken to heart our mission to provide a great experience, both academically and athletically, for our hard working students. I cannot thank John and Melissa enough for their continued support and passion for these students.”

For the Kauths, their philanthropic efforts don’t end with a signed check. They continue to mentor students, teaching them about life lessons, and how a little hard work can take you far. “You’d be amazed how wonderful it feels to give,” said John. “By giving back we want to touch lives by helping young people. I know mom would be proud of what we’ve done.”

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