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Tim Chapman

Tim Chapman '84

A 'Forever Scholarship' Helps Alumnus Honor Parents, Plan for Future


Tim Chapman '84 knows first-hand the impact a scholarship can have on a student's life. Chapman himself was the recipient of a scholarship while enrolled at The University of Texas at San Antonio.

"When you're in college working part-time and trying to make it as a student, every little bit helps," said Chapman. "For me I was really grateful to have some financial support when I was in college."

Today Chapman, a successful senior software engineer with the brokerage firm Fidelity Investments, is paying it forward by helping a new generation of Roadrunners at UTSA. Chapman, who graduated from the university with a BBA in accounting, recently made the decision to include his alma mater in his will.

At age 54, Chapman may not seem like the typical planned giving donor. Still young to have a will by some peoples' standard, he decided it was time to get his affairs in order after the unfortunate death of his longtime partner Roy.

While creating a will is recommended by financial advisors and attorneys, many American adults do not have one. For many the idea seems overwhelming or they just put it off. For Chapman, he described the process as relatively effortless. A visit with Kim West, UTSA's gift planning officer, provided helpful information. "She came over and went through the paperwork with me, and the whole thing went very smoothly from there," he, said.

Chapman's bequest gift will create an endowment that will fulfill his goal to permanently honor some special family members. In 2000, he established the Frank and Beverly Chapman Scholarship, which Chapman continues to give to annually, in honor of his parents. The late Frank Chapman was a former civil servant at Kelly Air Force Base, and Beverly Chapman was a stay at home mom. Both were champions of education and encouraged their children to pursue higher education.

Since its inception the annual scholarship has gone on to help 14 students. Many are now pursuing career milestones, like Kim Dang '12, a third year medical student at Lincoln Memorial University.

"I sent Mr. Chapman a thank you card during Thanksgiving break last year to let him know where I am right now and what I am doing," said Dang, who is specializing in internal medicine and hopes to land a residency in Chicago. "I wanted to let him know how much his scholarship impacted me and that he is very much appreciated. His contribution to my education has been paramount and I am sure he has helped many other students along their path to success."

"By making a gift to UTSA in his will, Tim is converting his annual scholarship in honor of his parents into a 'forever scholarship' without increasing his financial support today," says West. "The Frank and Beverly Chapman Endowed Scholarship will serve as a lasting tribute to Tim's parents. His bequest gift ensures that Chapman scholarships will be awarded every year in perpetuity. It's a beautiful legacy of Tim's enduring love for his parents and generous support for UTSA students."

As for Chapman, knowing that he will be able to support students for years to come brings him great joy. "I have the ability to share the fruits of my labor and help others," said Chapman, "and that makes me happy."

- Yvonne Zamora Byrd

For more information on how you can include UTSA in your will contact Kim West at 210-458-7307, or kimberly.west@utsa.edu.