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Devoted to History

Philanthropist John Nau shares his life's love


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Renaissance Man
Renaissance Man

Ernest W. Bromley

ART Passion
ART Passion

AT&T donation elevates UTSA collection.

Giving Back
Giving Back

Meet the Haug family.

The Scene

Giving Scene
Giving Scene

Snapshots of just some of those who are helping propel UTSA to top tier

Giving Thoughts
Giving Thoughts

Marjie French, Vice President for External Relations, Gifts Help UTSA Stand Out.

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On the Background

John Nau, president and CEO of Silver Eagle Distributors, L.P., discovered his love of history while touring a Civil War battlefield as a child. That passion has led him to commit $1 million to UTSA for undergraduate scholarships, graduate teaching assistantships and fellowships in history.

Civil War Battlefield

From the President

Dear UTSA Friends:

This edition of Giving highlights some very passionate donors. Have you ever wondered about what sparked someone’s interest in giving? Sometimes you need to look no further than their passions.

My passion for collecting art started after I took an art history class in college. Being exposed to art through that one class gave me the insight to buy an unsigned painting on Paris’ left bank—because I was certain it was a piece by Mexican painter Rufino Tamayo. It turns out, I was correct, and my art collection was born.

Similarly, it was a history class that first sparked John Nau’s passion at a young age for understanding the U.S. Civil War (see the story on page 12). Today, the leader of Silver Eagle Distributors has one of the most comprehensive collections of Civil War memorabilia in the world. And, as you’ll read, Mr. Nau has made a gift to UTSA to ensure his passion is passed on to a new generation.

Ernest Bromley's study of liberal arts prepared him to be one of the country’s advertising industry leaders. He believes so strongly in the value of a liberal arts education that he decided to establish a first-of-its-kind scholarship for College of Liberal and Fine Arts majors at UTSA. You can read more about his commitment to the liberal arts in the story on page 6.

We never know what is going to spark someone’s passion. We don’t know what will lead to the next great business idea or scientific discovery. But it is clear that education—higher education—can play a role. This is one reason why it is so important that UTSA attain Tier One status—so that we can continue to provide exceptional opportunities for students to learn and explore. Tier One universities foster the passions and ideas of tomorrow.

Donor support is key to fulfilling our promise. You’ll note that in the examples of Mr. Nau and Mr. Bromley, both are putting their money behind their passions. Both men are giving to UTSA to ensure that our students have opportunities to learn from bright minds and the funding to attain higher education. When you give, your impact is similar.

We all have a role to play in making our community stronger by taking UTSA to Tier One status. Because you give to UTSA, you’re an important part of students’ journeys to uncover new passions and knowledge.


Signature Ricardo Romo

Ricardo Romo
President, The University of Texas at San Antonio

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