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You’ve been challenged! Alumni Nancy and Andrew Ozuna are challenging the UTSA community—faculty, staff, alumni and students—to match their gift to “Fill the Fountain.”

The fountain has been a symbol of the UTSA experience for decades—but most of today’s students have never seen it with water flowing. The Ozunas have made a gift of $10,000 to encourage others to support renovations that will turn the fountain back on. Students and alumni have all said bringing the fountain back to life should be a top priority. Join the effort—make a gift to Fill the Fountain today!


As of 11/11/2013

Albert G. Lee
Alberto D. Reza
Alex R. Ornelas
Ali Reza Rajabzadeh
Amanda Uriegas
Andra E. Kiser
Andrea M. Watts
Andrew E. Gomez
Andrew & Nancy Ozuna
Andrew L. Ross
Anne Englert
Anne Peters
Arturo Herrera
Becky Harris
Bindia G. Patel
Brandon D. Bernardo
Brittany M. Pratt
Brittany S. Cooley
Carol A. Gonzalez
Cassandra Jones
Cathy W. Montanez
Chad S. Sundol
Chantal D. Muriithi
Charles A. Lopez
Cheryl L. Blalock
Cheryl L. Fulkerson
Chiung-Yu Hung
Christian Lopez
Christopher W. Kibbe
Cirina Flores
Cleo A. Bustamante
Crystal R. Gomez
David A. Stone
David J. Riker
David P. Miskey
Dawn D. Dylla
Debra H. Hopper-Suing
Derek M. Clark
Derhonda Ramirez
Divya Jain
Elizabeth L. Wheeler
Fernando Aldrete
Francisco Lara
Garrett Duke
Gary D. Estlack
Gayna Dupont
Genevieve L. Tobias
Graye Holder
Gregorio R. Cortez
Gregory T. Ulmer
Hassan K. Barzani
Heather L. Green
Hector A. Torres
Jan W. McKinney
Jane M. Eisermann
Janet Abboud Dal Santo
Janice K. Odom
Jason Yaeger
Javier B. Moreno
Jeanne Y. Tousley
Jeffrey Needles
Jennifer S. Ramos
Jerome P. Keating
Joel B. Schiffer
John C. Chismar
John Doebbler
John S. Millican
John W. Shaffer
Jonathan D. Ninh
Joseph M. Hymer
Justin K. Denny
Kacey R. Harris
Karen P. Hoskins
Katherine A. Pope
Kelli M. Goebel
Kelly N. Rose
Kelsey B. Badillo
Kelsey N. Motley
Khalid A. Sosse
Kierra M. Jackson
Kirstin Wilsey
Lance E. Singletary
Laura Silvas
Lauren A. Hrynyshyn
Lauren Owen Ramirez
Lichelle R. Reyes
Lorenzo D. Sanchez
Mana Wajarakorn
Manuel Argumedo
Manuel L. Ramirez
Marjie M. French
Mary Anne Morgan
Mary E. Wollslager
Mary K. Brown
Mary L. Contreras
Mary L. Smith
Mary V. Parker
Matthew Lundy
Matthias Hofferberth
Megan L. Miller
Melina P. Lopez
Michael S. Fischer
Michelle L. Peters
Michelle L. Phillips
Mimi W. Yu
My-Loan Luu
Nora B. Ramirez
Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs
Office of the President
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Olivia Meiners
Patricia Sanchez
Paul Baillon
Raul Lomeli
Raymond V. Smith
Rebecca Rivera
Rebekah E. Smith
Reina P. Vargas
Richard A. Drum
Richard B. Porter
Richard Barber
Rigoberto Vargas
Rodger D. Jackson
Rosalinda L. Garcia
Ruben G. Alvarez
Ruby E. Gonzales
Ryan Chambers
Sahil Kassanjee
Salvador S. Reyes
Sam F. Heaton
Samantha A. Gonzalez
Sammi J. Lex
Sarah Fielden
Scott O. Gentile
Sean M. Flanigan
Stephanie A. Davis Stephen C. Cheney
Susan E. Whitley
Susan P. Hough
Syahrir Idris
Thomas A. Thomson
Tomas Fuentes
Travis S. Weissler
UTSA Alumni Association
UTSA Green Fund
Valerie J. Thornberry
Veronica Y. Lopez
Yolanda Acosta

About the Project

Designed by architects Ford, Powell & Carson in the 1970s, the Sombrilla Fountain has been part of the UTSA campus for more than 35 years. A symbol of the UTSA experience, many students, faculty and staff use the Sombrilla Plaza as a meeting place. Earlier generations of UTSA students recall taking their senior photos in front of the fountain. And stories of “luck” circulate whenever the fountain is mentioned. Legend states that if you place both hands on the fountain while it is running it will bring you good luck.

The Makeover

At 35-years-old, the fountain is getting a makeover. The fountain’s pipes will be repaired, and will now flow with reclaimed water—condensation from HVAC systems from nearby buildings. No longer will water stop flowing during drought restricted months. Construction for repairs will begin in November and the fountain should be running again in early 2014.

The total cost of the renovations exceeds $300,000. So far, $160,000 has been contributed, thanks to the generosity of the UTSA Alumni Association and the UTSA Green Fund. This is your opportunity to be part of the project and make a difference on campus by making a personal gift to support Fill the Fountain today.

FAQs Fill the Fountain

Where is the Sombrilla Fountain located?

The fountain is located in the Sombrilla Plaza on the UTSA Main Campus adjacent to the John Peace Library. It is a central meeting point for students and serves as a place to study, reflect and engage.

Doesn’t tuition cover the costs of maintenance on campus?

This project is a special opportunity for alumni, faculty and staff, and students to have their name associated with a campus tradition forever. If we can offset some of the maintenance costs with gifts from donors, it will keep those resources available for other projects at the university and ensure more tuition funding is directed to serving students.

How can I help?

We need to spread the word! You can help by making a gift, encouraging others to give and sharing information on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #FilltheFountain.

We especially encourage Alumni to give.

Alumni giving is so important to building traditions at the university. Your gift will not only help renovate the fountain but it will improve alumni giving rates that are reported for national rankings—improving UTSA's reputation, making your degree even more valuable.

What happens if more than $20,000 is raised?

The overall cost of renovating the fountain is around $300,000. All gifts received will go toward the overall cost of completing renovations and maintaining the Sombrilla Fountain in the future.

Can I mail my gift?

Yes! Make the check payable to UTSA and mail it to:

Gift Services
The University of Texas at San Antonio
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, TX 78249

Who can I contact with questions or stories?

Please contact the Annual Giving office at (210) 458-4130 or