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A Special Report

Securing Our Future

Tom C Frost, Jr. | Capital Campaign Chair

Fellow Supporters,

The most appropriate place to start is to simply say thank you. Your gifts are making San Antonio’s top-tier university even better.

In this campaign, We Are UTSA, we set some big goals. Early on, we surpassed the first that we’d set, and then we moved on to our ultimate goal of $175 million. We made it there with room to spare, thanks to you! Your donation total of $180 million is providing great support for students, faculty, and our community through more endow­ments, more scholarships, more faculty positions, and more opportunities.

After the campaign officially closed well over the new goal, we continued to receive good news. Carlos and Malú Alvarez made a gift of $3 million to fund graduate research opportunities and scholarships. When we add that gift and the matching funds received from the state, the total impact of the campaign is more than $202 million.

People value a return on investment. Without a doubt, there is no better investment for San Antonio and Texas than supporting an emerging research university right here in San Antonio—UTSA. More than just the dollars was the power of the number of people—33,000 of you—who stepped forward to make a contribution.

All of us who donated and who worked on this campaign did it to help direct UTSA to a successful conclusion. It was a great team, thanks to the leadership of President Ricardo Romo, the hard work of the Office of External Relations staff, the guidance of the Campaign Committee and Development Board, and especially the generosity of the many donors.

All of us have enjoyed our roles in helping to shape the future of UTSA. We participated in this campaign because San Antonians and all Texans deserve the exceptional opportunities that come with having another Tier One university. UTSA is best positioned now to be that beacon for our young people.

President Romo has said this many times: The university and the city are linked. When we support UTSA, we all benefit.

This is just the beginning of the journey, though. We cannot rest until San Antonio attains the Tier One university it deserves. Please continue your support now and in the future. Because we are UTSA.

Tom C. Frost Jr.
Capital Campaign Chair



J. Dan Bates (Chair)
Clayton E. Killinger ’83 (Vice Chair)
Cathy Obriotti Green (Vice Chair)
Kathleen K. Acock
John D. Alexander Jr.
Stephen W. Arnold
Kevin L. Belgrade
E. Glenn Biggs (deceased)
James H. Bodenstedt ’96
J. Darryl Byrd
Scott Carpenter
Henry G. Cisneros
Loretta J. Clarke ’90, ’87
Patrick J. Clynes ’89
Samuel G. Dawson
Trish DeBerry
Walter D. Downing Jr. ’86
John W. Feik
Don Frost
Tom C. Frost Jr.
Heriberto Guerra Jr.
Susan P. Hough ’91
Christopher A. Jaworski ’03
Brenda Vickrey Johnson
Cindy L. Jorgensen ’00
Milton B. Lee
Steven Q. Lee
Edith S. McAllister
John F. McFall ’92
Janice L. Meyr ’79
Balous T. Miller
William E. Morrow ’86
Henry R. Muñoz III
Howard W. Peak IV ’75
Boone Powell
James R. Reed
Arthur J. Rodriguez ’98, ’00
Harriett Romo
Gary K. Simmons ’00
Gurvinder P. Singh
David A. Spencer
John T. Steen Jr.
Julian H. Trevino
Curtis T. Vaughan III
Kenneth L. Wilson
Jeanie Rabke Wyatt ’86



Robert M. Cavender
Alfredo L. Flores Jr.
Gloria Galt
Betty Murray Halff ’76
Roger R. Hemminghaus
Nelson W. Wolff





Tom C. Frost Jr. (Chair)
John D. Alexander Jr.
J. Dan Bates
E. Glenn Biggs (deceased)
James H. Bodenstedt ’96
Ernest Bromley ’78, ’80
Henry G. Cisneros
Marjie French
Clayton E. Killinger ’83
Steven Q. Lee
Cathy Obriotti Green
Ricardo Romo
John T. Steen Jr.
Kenneth L. Wilson
Jeanie Rabke Wyatt ’86


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