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Undergraduate Scholarships
Providing Access to Excellence

Merit scholarships are an investment in students who have achieved distinction in academics, the arts or leadership. These scholarships, awarded based on achievement rather than strictly financial need, offer UTSA a competitive advantage to recruit the most capable, talented students to our campuses.

A limited amount of funding for scholarships, particularly merit awards, presents a challenge when seeking to attract the brightest minds to enhance our local community and to help UTSA achieve designation as a Tier One university. Merit scholarships are the most powerful tool UTSA can employ to recruit high-achieving students who will help attract other top-notch students and draw the attention of the strongest faculty.

For the student recipient, a scholarship can be a lifeline. By relieving the financial burden of paying for school, the scholarship recipient has more time to study, focus on academic development or research, and engage in enriching experiences on campus or in the community. Scholarships provide motivation to succeed—when a student knows there are people who believe in them and in their abilities, they are inspired to work harder and to consider ways they can give back.

Texas’ next generation of scientists, artists, educators and leaders deserve our support today. They need scholarship assistance to achieve their full potential. Scholarship support plays a crucial role in helping UTSA attract greater numbers of dedicated, bright students who deserve access to exceptional opportunities.

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