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Tuoyo Eresanara

Running for a Purpose: How Diploma Dash is helping Tuoyo Eresanara

Every year hundreds of people put their on running shoes and head to Diploma Dash, an annual 5K race held at The University of Texas at San Antonio. Proceeds from the race generate scholarships for dozens of UTSA college students including Tuoyo Eresanara.

When Tuoyo Eresanara, 20, left his home in Nigeria he took only a few things with him, just what he could fit in his luggage on the plane.

"When I came to UTSA I didn't have much, and I didn't know anyone" said Tuoyo. "It was really scary."

A well liked classmate, with a 3.9 GPA, Tuoyo, has much to be proud of as he begins his final year as an undergraduate student at UTSA.

His journey to UTSA began in 2015, after graduating from high school he set his eyes on pursuing an education in the U.S. With the encouragement of his parents and an older brother living in Houston he applied to UTSA.

It was the support from scholarships that he was able to make that happen. "My time at UTSA has been a positive one, I've gotten so many opportunities that I wouldn't have had. I've opened up as a person, my people skills have improved and I can now speak in front of crowds," said Tuoyo, who is majoring in biology with a concentraion in neurobiology.

For Tuoyo, he had decided early on that he wanted to immerse himself in the college experience. While being at UTSA he has joined the Pre-Med Society, UTSA Ambassadors, and is a member of the Honors College, all of which have helped him form a new community of friends.

After graduation Tuoyo plans on attending medical school and is forever grateful for the opportunities scholarships like the Alumni Association Scholarship, have provided him with.

"School is a lot of money and anything helps," said Tuoyo, who aspires to be an anesthesiologist. "Scholarships make such a big difference and took so much load off. I don't have to struggle, I can focus on my school— it's a big relief."

To register for Diploma Dash visit utsadiplomadash.org.

-Yvonne Zamora Byrd