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Mansour El-Kikhia
Making history in Libya

When Jon Stewart wanted to know for the The Daily Show how to topple a dictatorship, he called Mansour El-Kikhia to give the lesson. The professor of political science and geography at UTSA appeared on the show to talk about the rebellion in Libya to force Muammar Gadhafi out of power. Exiled from Libya for speaking against the government, El-Kikhia also shared his knowledge on CNN, returning to the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, his hometown, after 30 years to advise opposition rebels.

With the dictator removed, El-Kikhia is now active in Libya's transformation. He continues to advise his home country by working with leaders in the transitional government to set up elections. “I am grateful to the United States for giving me the opportunity to become an American and live here and learn from it … and I learned what freedom actually means, and how it’s important to set up a system that guarantees freedoms and rights of people of all types and shapes and colors,” he said during a recent interview.

Learning from those who have lived history and engaged in the formation of governments is the kind of top-tier opportunity that makes UTSA special.

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