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Dr. Matthew Gdovin

Dr. Gdovin
Continue to shine a light on cancer

Friday, January 27, is the last day to help UTSA researchers raise $15,000 for cancer research.

Dr. Matthew Gdovin, associate professor of biology, and his team of undergraduate, master's and Ph.D. students have developed a potential new treatment that has been successful in killing breast, pancreatic and prostate cancer cells.

The research involves injecting a chemical compound into a cancerous tumor and aiming a beam of light at the tissue. When the light activates the chemical, the cancerous cells become acidic and self-destruct. The non-invasive photodynamic treatment will potentially be able to help cancer patients with even the most difficult form of the disease.

"Cancer does not rest. It doesn't take a day off or sleep at the end of a long day," said Dr. Gdovin. "Cancer does not discriminate. Wealthy or poor, educated or illiterate, young or old, it doesn't stop. It affects you, me and our families—it affects all of us."

So that they can present their findings to the FDA sooner Dr. Gdovin and his team are raising money to help fund the experiments needed to gather more evidence.

To have their research FDA approved Dr. Gdovin and his team are raising money to help further their initiatives.

They set a goal of raising $15,000 on the UTSA crowdfunding website Launch UTSA. The money raised will provide funding for chemicals, lab equipment, toxicology studies, pharmacokinetics studies and other necessities for the life-changing research.

"It is so important that the work to find a treatment or a cure continues. We are doing that in my lab at UTSA, and I believe we have a potential solution, but we need help to keep moving forward," said Gdovin.

To help Dr. Gdovin and his team find a cure for cancer visit https://fund.utsa.edu/CancerResearch to make an online gift.