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Graduate Student Support
Fueling Research and Tier One

Recruiting graduate students is vital to the continued growth and advancement of UTSA. Graduate students, particularly Ph.D. candidates, have been described as the “workhorses” of research universities as they assist faculty in their labs, conduct their own groundbreaking research and mentor undergraduate students.

Attracting top graduate students is a very competitive process. The commitment to graduate study often impedes outside work, so prospective students weigh funding offers carefully before choosing a university. Universities that offer full funding for tuition and fees as well as a stipend are most competitive in recruiting top graduate student talent.

Supporting fellowships at UTSA offers an opportunity to reward students from diverse backgrounds. There may be no other university in the country that has an opportunity today to demonstrate what the ideal university of tomorrow will look like demographically—even at the graduate level, we attract significant numbers of students from backgrounds that are traditionally underserved in higher education, more than 57 percent of our enrollment each year.

With donor support, we will award more graduate fellowships and scholarships to significantly advance research and knowledge at UTSA.

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