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Aracelia “RC” Alamo Velez

Aracelia "RC" Alamo Velez

How a non-traditional student managed to earn her degree and give back


When Aracelia "RC" Alamo Velez '02 earned her bachelors in accounting from The University of Texas at San Antonio, she was 38, working full-time and supporting two children. It had been quite a journey to get to that point.

"I was a parent, student, wife and employee, yet I was on a mission to achieve my B.B.A. in accounting and teach my children the importance of an education," said Velez. A military brat growing up, Velez was constantly moving while her father was enlisted in the Army. It was while stationed in San Antonio when she first fell in love with the city and vowed to return when she was able. She worked to be able to return and to plant roots here, but in between working and raising a family, her education was put on hold.

"I had to endure many obstacles throughout my life. If it weren't for grants and scholarships I would not have been able to obtain my degree," said Velez.

Now a successful accountant at UTSA, Velez is paying it forward to a new generation of accounting majors at her alma mater. This spring she established the Alamo Accounting Endowed Scholarship to benefit accounting students. Most recently, she made the decision to bequeath her home to UTSA, an action that will leave a legacy by ensuring the scholarship is available in perpetuity.

"I learned that the secret to obtaining a degree was perseverance and having a good support system of family and friends," said Velez. "I'm donating my home to UTSA so that I can assist future accounting students to achieve their dream. I want them to never give up on their goals."

- Yvonne Zamora Byrd

This spring the Alamo Accounting Endowed Scholarship will be awarded for the first time to one student in the amount of $1,500. To learn more about how establishing a scholarship, or to include UTSA in your estate plans contact Kim West at 210-458-4307, or kimberly.west@utsa.edu.