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Mayor Julian Castro

We Are The Future

For San Antonio to compete globally in attracting great jobs and industry, and retaining the companies that we do have, there is no doubt higher education is the basic building block. UTSA becoming a Tier One institution is not really about status; it is about investing in our community and ensuring our prosperity well into the future.

Secretary Julian Castro U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Former Mayor of San Antonio

Sam Dawson

We Are Innovation

With investments from donors, UTSA scholars push the boundaries of innovation and discovery. We should all want to help capitalize on the intellectual power at UTSA to strengthen our workforce and attract new companies. This is what San Antonio deserves, and we get there when you give to UTSA.

Sam Dawson CEO
Pape-Dawson Engineers

Cathy Obriotti Green

We Are Inspiring

UTSA is a jewel of our community, a place where people from all backgrounds can fulfill their potential. It is inspiring that the university is striving to provide more exceptional opportunities by becoming top tier. We all want that for our community, and we can get it by investing in UTSA.

Cathy Obriotti Green Vice President of Community Relations


We Are Progress

The board of the Robert J. Kleberg Jr. and Helen C. Kleberg Foundation is very happy to be a contributor to UTSA and the progress that is going forward at the university, progress that will be a benefit to the community, state, country and the world at large.

Helen K. Groves President
Robert J. Kleberg Jr. and Helen C. Kleberg Foundation

Clay Killinger

We Are Leaders

UTSA provided me—a first-generation student who did not have any money—the opportunity to go to school and get a great education. For the university to reach top-tier, it has to be a team effort. The time is right now, and business leaders, corporate officers, alumni and people from all walks of life who have been impacted by the university need to think about that and say, ‘I’m going to make that investment in my community.’

Clay Killinger '83 Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
CST Brands, Inc.

Nancy Kudla

We Are Enriching Experiences

My professional life has been greatly enriched by the quality education I received at UTSA and the relationships I built there. Through giving, I am making it possible for others to be enriched and to explore their talents.

Nancy Kudla '87 President
Kudla Foundation

Kenny Wilson

We Are Making an Impact

Every business community thrives on the successes of their public institutions of higher education. UTSA generates an economic impact of $1.2 billion and supports 15,000 jobs for the San Antonio area. For the future and the economic health of San Antonio, I ask you to get behind President Romo and invest in UTSA to help create a Tier One university for a Tier One City.

Kenny Wilson President
Bank of America
Central and South Texas