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Connor Romeros
Unique scholarship allows LGBT advocate to help others

For many people, college is a time when you get to discover yourself while working towards your academic goals. But for members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community, this time of self-discovery can often include the decision to come out.

“College is a popular time when people in the GLBTQ community decide to live their lives as openly gay,” said Connor Romeros, vice president of Spectrum, a GLBTQ student organization at The University of Texas at San Antonio. “It’s a time when you become more independent and get to meet people who you can relate with.”

Through his involvement with Spectrum, Romero, a gay rights advocate, hopes to provide a safe place for those who identify as LGBT. In between his classes and shifts at a local technology store, he staffs the group’s information table and leads discussions at their weekly meetings.

As an uncertain teen questioning his sexuality and afraid of what others would say, Romeros had to work-up the courage to tell his family and friends that he was gay.

“I’m really fortunate that they were supportive,” said Romeros, who was raised by a single mother in Galveston. “I know a lot of families who aren’t and I’m sure that must be really tough.”

While Romeros knows not everyone will be accepting, he acts as a mentor and friend to those who have been shunned by their family and friends. It is because of his dedication to his community that he was awarded the GLBTQ Endowed Scholarship.

Created in 2000, the scholarship is open to Spectrum members of all sexual orientations. For Romeros, the scholarship has allowed him the freedom to devote more time to helping others while worrying less about how he will pay for college.

“I love that donors are doing this for our community,” said Romeros, a computer science major who hopes to work for Microsoft or Google. “I’ve been working since I was 16, and finances are such a big deal especially in college. With this scholarship I don’t have to worry as much, and I get to spend more time with helping others.”

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