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Athletics Facilities
Igniting Community Spirit

UTSA Athletics attracts top students, which is especially important as the university continues to pursue Tier One designation. At UTSA, athletics are an opportunity to enrich the student experience as well as help our students gain valuable skills that will prepare them for life.

We know that the attributes of successful leaders can be developed as much on the playing field as in the classroom. Participating in athletic competition fosters mental toughness, competitive and team spirit, and determination to succeed in a way that academic coursework alone simply could not.

The new Athletics Complex at Park West will propel UTSA to the next level in athletics competitions, recruiting and student services. It is critical for UTSA to have facilities that are on par or exceed our peers, especially those in Conference USA. The complex will also be a focal point for the greater community, providing a forum for competition and the facilities to ensure future generations can fully enjoy and engage in sports.

With help from loyal donors and the community, we will build top athletic facilities that demonstrate our commitment to the individual growth of student-athletes, and support teams in their efforts to recruit top talent to represent the university in all sports.

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