Our Priorities   Serving Society

The campaign focuses on raising money and support in four areas: students, faculty and research, centers and institutes, and student life. Serving Society focuses on centers and institutes.

Establishing and advancing centers of knowledge and direct services that will help address the issues that are most critical to San Antonio, Texas and the nation

  • Research centers of excellence
  • P-20 outreach programs
  • Services to benefit the greater community

Your Impact on Our Centers & Institutes

Les Shephard

Les Shephard, a world-renowned expert in energy and water issues, has come to UTSA to help solve the world's most pressing energy issues.

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William Dupont

William Dupont, professor in the College of Architecture, gives old structures new life through a passion that has made him known around the world. An expert in historic preservation, he is recognized for his restorative work on projects like the Ernest Hemingway home in Cuba and an American Indian village in New Mexico. He has served as the chief architect for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, among other accomplishments.

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Lisa Montoya

Lisa Montoya and her students are preparing the next generation with financial management skills. The Latino Financial Issues (LFI) program in the College of Business serves the San Antonio community by offering programs and workshops in financial literacy and education.

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Laura Rendón

As a child, Laura Rendón watched her mother work three jobs to help her family survive, and she vowed that she didn't want to have to do the same. This motivation and her experiences in education growing up in Laredo as a minority woman have inspired her research on first-generation college students and the factors that promote and impede student success.

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Misty Sailors

Sixty children in a classroom, eager to learn. If they have to share books, they don't complain. This is what Misty Sailors saw children having to endure in parts of South Africa. So she began the Ithuba Writing Project in 2005, which uses resources from UTSA, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and other sources to create books in the home languages of South African children in rural and impoverished classrooms.

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Bob McKinley

Bob McKinley is UTSA's expert in economic and business development. For more than two decades, he has guided the steady growth of the UTSA Institute for Economic Development as its associate vice president. The institute provides 37,000 business clients each year with consulting, training and research services, and its programs extend UTSA's presence through the entire southwest Texas border region and beyond.

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Harriett Romo

The UTSA Mexico Center and the Bank of America Child and Adolescent Policy Research Institute (CAPRI) are two programs under the Office of Community Service that focus on the future of our region. Both are under the direction of Harriett Romo, professor of sociology.

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