Our Priorities   Access to Excellence

The campaign focuses on raising money and support in four areas: students, faculty and research, centers and institutes, and student life. Providing Access to Excellence focuses on students.

Offering students opportunities for educational attainment through scholarships, fellowships and programs designed to foster success

  • Scholarships for undergraduates
  • Fellowships for graduate students
  • Funding for student access 
  • Funding for retention programs

Your Impact on Our Students

Jessica Felhofer

Jessica Felhofer is helping build a chemical analysis "lab" the size of a microchip that will be accessible anywhere. The potential uses for the chip are limitless; instead of collecting samples and sending them out to be analyzed, results will be available immediately. Imagine the impact for a military medic on the front lines monitoring patient health or for scientists trying to understand the effect of an emerging environmental crisis.

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Corey DeAngelis

Named one of the inaugural 100 Best Business Students at UTSA and with a 3.96 GPA in economics, Corey DeAngelis is uncovering his full potential at UTSA. What is not immediately apparent is just how hard he works to succeed.

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Krystal Nicholson

Future teacher Krystal Nicholson loves to boast about UTSA. "If you are looking for a university with proud students and the leaders of tomorrow, then come to UTSA," she says. Her Roadrunner enthusiasm, along with a great deal of involvement on campus, led to her election as Ms. UTSA by her peers and has inspired her desire to be a teacher: "I get my drive from students," she shares.

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Ishmael Mendez

For Ishmael Mendez, choosing a college was a difficult decision. His parents wanted him to go to a school close to home in the Rio Grande Valley and offered to help him financially to do so; but he longed for a top-tier university experience in a bigger city where he could take advantage of an abundance of opportunities. He decided if he got a coveted scholarship from the Terry Foundation of Houston—covering most tuition and fee expenses every year—that he would leave the comfort of home to attend UTSA.

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Krizia Ramirez

Krizia Ramirez could be a statistic, but instead she is advocating for change. “Foster care kids move around so much. Every move sets us back six months in school, making it difficult to be college ready. By staying enrolled, I show that I’m not just another number. I show other kids in foster care that, yes, it is hard, but you can do it,” she says. Now a senior after only two years at UTSA, she is majoring in criminal justice and public administration with big plans to make a difference for young people like her.

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